Timaya Reveals That He Also Went To Shiloh

Enetimi Alfred Odom populaly known as Timaya recently revealed on his instagram page that he attended shiloh, programme normally organized by Winners Chapel to pray and also commit 2015 into the hands of God. During an interview with NET, when asked what plans he has for 2015 after recently releasing his 6th album, Epiphany, the ‘Sanko’ singer said: As I’m talking to you, my 2015 has been committed to God; I was at Shiloh, I went there to pray,’... I be think say him wan say, him go Shiloh to go give him life to God. If I hear,
MAYA my guy... commit the entire self o jare, so i will not talk. else i will shayoo my mouth as its leaking.


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