Sugar Asoegwu living the movie life while studying. Face Your Study.

For a while now I decided to stop Sugar Asoegwu's reality show because she was becoming very boring with her dry day to day activity. Anyway saw this on her page and decided to show you my wonderful readers , when Chika Ike went to dubai for vacation showed off things she made us believe she and her personal assistance alias P.A Serah Donald was enjoying some people where like,,oh please is that necessary, are all this called for and bla bla bla. Well i will say lets leave her as she made us believe it is her hard earned money while we know the source the money is coming from and the hard earned kinda job she did that pays for the bills. There is never an easy way of making money be it stealing. Now Sugar is here to tell us how her parents spent millions on her UK trip to study.
hmmmmmm , o Kwa Sugar please some things are not just necessary am imagining if your father was a  local government chairman we for no see road, we have heard they spent millions and you don't want to squander the money biko face your study and allow Prof and Dr Asoegwu to stop sneezing due to the numerous way you mention their name. For the UK school.  na train sugar dey enter ooo,(she for rent car) sugar flew economy last chance to this trip,(she for fly first class not business ooo) sugar lives in a student one room apt for this study.(why you no buy house)...but wait oo, who be this sugar sef. lwkm... i really do not know doesn't mean i do not know. kapish


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