Shop Less For Peter Miss Jennifer.

Ever since jennifer Obajuwana saw and fell in love with Peter thereby kicking the infatuation he had in the past with Ese Broadericks, she has stopped at nothing but constantly make us believe they both waxing stronger in their own relationship(story) flaunting the finee boyyyy... Miss, shine your eyes. I am still wondering  how come she let this guys looks and blind her this much, but the reason i like Peter is he always have patience until he gets what he wants and then he will strike. For everyone waiting he pops that question to her, una go wait tire and presently there's nothing with the question as he can do that and still move on with his plans. smooth operator i hail. Miss Money Jennifer, shine ya eyes, stop flaunting this pictures with Peter incase there will be need for ''state of emergency''. we arent' hoping that but Mr Peter will always be Mr Peter. the one word that is not in his dictionary is (LOVE)seee more loved up photos of them.


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