Richard Mofe-Damijo Stopped Visiting Wife's Grave

It’s awful how Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD), has abandoned the grave of his late wife, sources say that since she was buried in the early 1990’s, that he has not visited the grave ad the site is now overgrown with weeds.
Before her death, she was was the publisher of Classique Magazine, Editor of Quality Magazine and host of Mee& You Television Talk Show before she died after fibroid operation in Lagos. When Famous People Magazine visited Ikoyi Cemetery days ago, Moors there told us that they have never seen the husband come to visit the grave since she was buried in the early 1990s

Sources say initially members of her NGO, Sunshine Foundation do visit and gives them money to clear weeds around the grave. But they have stopped coming. The Moors added that those who really care about their late love ones do visit regularly and keep their love ones grave clean. Some even come with their families to spend time at the graveside of their love ones. It is interesting to know that Richard Mofe-Damijo was squatting with some friends in oshodi when he married his wife.
My take on this one , please let the dead mourn themselves leave him alone to do what he feels right, as life goes on


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