Producer come Actress weds finally

Few months ago when Jessica a nollywood producer also an actress got engaged and nmaora brought the news here, finally former Miss Jessica Agu now Mrs Jessica David has finally wedded her hausa fiancĂ©e! Some actors the likes of Francis Duru was also at the wedding. The producer who just released a movie titled History Box where she used the likes of Ebube Nwagbo, Oma Nnadi, Uti Nwachukwu (that Uti acting Hmmmmmm I comment my reserve) the list continues Joseph Benjamin and herself, the movie was directed by Desmond Elliott in the flick is never looking back in making herself a must be Actress! I must act ooooo, She also produced Twitter babes.Well good for her as she is no longer in the market! But wait ooo am I the only one seeing this? she doesn't look happy on a day like this, could it be she paid all the bill? Or could it be she just hate to snap? If she hates to snap why is she acting? In my own observation she contributed so much for the wedding and when she remembers all she spent she can't help but frown! Biko check out some other wedding pic's after the cut


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