Photos of Catherine Zeta-Jones on the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of his new film "Red 2"

Catherine Zeta Jones with Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren on the red carpet premiere of their new film, "Red 2" can be seen in Los Angeles.

The second part of the movie is directed Parysvn red religion.

The first part of the movie screen was the 2010 film was directed by German filmmaker Robert Shvynkh.

Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman and John Malkovich from the first film, the second part is also played. Anthony and Catherine Hapyknz Ztajvnz previous actors to assemble "Red" joined.

Video stories about Frank Moses (played by Willis), a retired intelligence officer and his old colleagues to be half crazy to deal with a billionaire.

The villain of the film's story is a weapon of mass destruction, and Moses and his friends before his pursuit of these weapons, to destroy him.

John and Eric Huber original script writer, script writing job part two "red" have done.

Red "astonishment and wonder at its public premiere at Cinema economic analysts, to $ 186 million in sales worldwide. This figure is about $ 90 million, was allocated to North America.


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