PHOTOS: Kim Kardashian Wore A Burka Over Her Sheer Top In Dubai!

Kim Kardashian loves
manufacturing photo opsembracing local customs, you guys! Look! She went to Dubai! And wore a burka!
Kim opened up some sort of milkshake store (?!), as well as promoted her fragrance during her trip to Dubai. She was, as always, accompanied by her mom Kris Jenner. And while during most of the trip she wore her standard issue uniform of tight, curve-accentuating dresses, she also decided to check out a store selling traditional Muslim garb while she was in the United Arab Emirates.
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She tested out a full burka with a niqab (face veil) over her sheer blouse, but ultimately left the shop in a hiljab (loose-fitting outer garment) and hijab (head scarf) only. And here is the proof:







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