One Word That Covers A Thousand Deep Meaning.

Woooooo!!! Its flavors baby mama number one, Miss Sandra Okagbues birthday today and sure Flavour wished her happy birthday on his Instagram page. he called her "UGEGBEM" Do you all know what that means? Flavour has a way of using Igbo language words in a twisted way and that will make you not really understand what he means. I guess you all know Ana is not an igbo girl and can get any kind of meaning from Flavour as what he meant wishing Sandra happy birthday with such word. find out the true meaning after the cut.

Miss Ana and Onyinye plus other people, let me tell you what UGEGBEM means.
It means normally, ''my Dear'' which everyone can believe that is what it means, but in the actual context, if a man that you have something intimate calls you my Ugegbe.. check out the entire meaning, !my heart, my soul, whom i am well pleased, the real person who has given me happiness, my night rest, whom is deep in my soul. Happy birthday to you. so ladies watch out and try get your own belle because Sandra still have the first seat now watch out.


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