Monalisa Chinda Unveils Television Talk Show

She is finally giving back to the society by providing a channel where  issues can be treated enabling
viewers to learn a lot. Monalisa says, ‘You & I with Monalisa’ is an unconventional weekly talk show
that employs engaging interactive debates intermeshed with drama to address everyday social and
trending issues. Each episode will commence with beautifully acted out scripts followed by endearing
discussions with distinguished guests.

As our society is constantly in flux, the show aims to record these unique changes and promote an on-going debate through the idea of open source interactions. Our guests take on critical social issues with fresh perspectives and insights to highlight possible solutions to a particular dilemma.
It also aims to Inspire, educate, empower and entertain its viewers.
Give hope and encourage people who are disillusioned about the realities of life.
Provide a medium to elevate its audience towards reaching their full potential and becoming the citizens they desire to be.
The ingenious talk show is set to inspire millions of viewers across TV, Electronic and Social Media platforms globally. It is also has partnership with the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).


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