Marriage Isn't A Bed Of Roses!!!!! Basket Mouth

Basket Mouth who recently had a chat with YNaija after the just concluded Headies award said “Marriage is not that simple but I always try to make it work by playing my part. Due to the nature of my job, I am not always around, sometimes I could be away for weeks but when I am back home, I try to make it up to my family especially my wife.

For instance I came here (Headies) with her today, I go to events with her, take her shopping and make her feel special.

When I am home, I am the houseboy, I do all the work, clean up the kids and spend time with them. I sweep, I cook, I wash…I do basically all the house chores”

When asked what he could cook best, he laughed and said “er, it varies, it depends on what my wife wants me to cook but I can cook all sorts of soup, okra, egusi, everything, just name it” Lol, Basket Mouth really dey adore him wife ooooo


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