Man Forces Own Children To Have Sex With Dog

Trust me this foreigners some of them , their own craze, hehehehe,,, it is called Elevated Madness. One Christopher Sena was arrested by the Las Vegas Metropolitan police for having committed the most horrific sex crimes. He is a devoted man, his image affirms a responsible man and very caring father but his heart is that of the devil himself, he is a clear example of the word “ looks can be very deceptive” Christopher was arrested on 23 counts charges which included bestiality and felony child abuse. The Metropolitan police department reported that they discovered videotapes of his children having sex with their family dog. Sena was first arrested on a sexual assault charge in September. The videotape in question was discovered when his wife Deborah and ex-wife Terri were arrested on 11 December
And the news comes as a shock to the community, in which Sena cultivated a friendly relationship with police and was well-liked by neighbors.
This man deserves to be punished in such a way that he will forever regret his deeds, what man in his right senses will force his own children to have sex with a dog.


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