Kanye West May Be Loosing Kim( see en face)

Kim Kardashian who recently posted a Thanksgiving message on her Twitter
excluded Kanye West from her family, could be a  signs that the marriage may be hitting the rocks. Kim indirectly made it known that Kanye is an outsider now as she quietly makes plans for a future without the rapper. While Kim and North were at Khloe’s place, Kanye was in his favorite place Paris with his pals. She knew she was sending a very clear message to fans when sending that tweet. Kim didn’t want to be in Paris and was not willing to budge. Kanye, on the other hand, purposely fled to Paris after learning of Kim kardashian’s dalliances in Dubai after being caught with Tyrese Gibson.
He didn’t want to be around and insisted he wanted some space. Though he thought Kim may follow, she opted to stay with her “whole family.”Many believe one guest in attendance was Kanye’s reported secret lover, designer Riccardo Tisci. Kanye has long battled rumors of being gay and having had a sexual relationship with Tisci. The fact that the two wore matching shirts to Tisci’s recent 40th birthday party, may be another telling sign that the two are a little too close for comfort. See below kim’s message


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