Celebrating The Plus Size,Curvy Bootilicious Woman

Victoria Janashvili, who is a photograher has set herself on a mission to promote Curvy bootilicious. plus sizers, she has
spent years taking pictures and writing lots of book on them. This vision of hers was inspired by the way the society.
reacts to women with plus size. She is hoping to achieve all this by publishing a book featuring a series of images which celebrate fuller-figured women Victoria Janashvili who is from NewYork,is  the woman behind coffee table book Curves, has had her work featured by the likes of GQ, Maxim, Esquire and Cosmopolitan, but insists that her 'personal projects' have always aimed to highlight the beauty of women with more normal bodies, rather than the slim models often pictured in the pages of magazines
'My personal projects have always been aimed to portray a healthy and more relatable model,' she explains on her Kickstarter page, set up in order to fund the publication of her book, which is currently available for pre-sale. She said to DailyMail that;  'I feel very happy that the fashion magazines and [the] media in general [have] started to embrace a healthier image of a "beautiful woman" and that is why I strongly believe that this art book can help make a change even more


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