Benson okonkwo showing off belts for kids to wish us all merry Xmas in advance

I am still to find out what this Benson Okonkwo is trying to be and the level he has gotten yet i still see him as a learner. The acclaimed ''Am a man'' and have a fiancee whom we have never seen especially since that law was passed in Nigeria. he will stop at nothing but make himself popular, okay am helping him become one. He has for sure sent these pictures to  all his bloggers, press men and women to help him spread his own Xtmas looks. He didn't send to me but am sure helping out. But first guy., work on these your knuckles as the last time i checked , your supposed to be a man.= plus all your rings you wear are not helping in making knuckles look better either. if you ask who really needs a new year resolution, i will suggest he Mr Benson needs one that way he will rebrand himself as all i see now is.... ?/?finish the story.......see more santa pics of the sexiest man so claimed alive.


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