Yemi Blaq admits that he has always had a crush for Juliet Ibrahim

According to Vanguard, Yemi Blaq admits that he has had a crush for Juliet Ibrahim, his feelings for her would have led to he settling down with her if he was not a married man.

"She’s okay with it. My wife is a professional through and through. When we were shooting ‘The Distance Between’, my wife wrote the script. She wrote my character to have a romantic relationship with both Rita Dominic and Mercy Johnson. She was on set while we were shooting and after doing a kissing scene with Mercy Johnson, my wife called me aside and said “That kiss is not real. You need to make it real...continue..
"She knows that as long as I’m on set, it’s my job and I’m doing the kissing not because I’m enjoying a kiss from a woman, but because it’s the character doing the kissing, not me. If I kiss a girl outside the set, I’ll have a lot of questions to answer. She knows about me and Juliet."
Asked if it was a movie that brought them together...

"Yes. The funny thing is I’ve heard about her, seen her and the first time we really had time to relate was when we shot the movie 'Corporate Operations' with Alex Mouth in Abuja, but there was no time to bond. Shortly after that, she called me while she was in Ghana and there was this movie we were shooting 'Number One Fan', starring myself and her.
"I went over to Ghana for the movie and that was where we really had the chance to bond. I knew her real person behind the screen, she’s nice, hardworking, dedicated and focused and those are the qualities I appreciate in a human being. We are still friends till today. I was at her birthday party some time ago in Lagos and we had a great time partying all night long. Once again, my wife knows about it."
Asked if he would have married her had he been single ...

"Yes, she’s my kind of person. She’s smart, dedicated, but it’s a pity I’m not single. It’s a great thing I met my wife first and if you ask me, 'If I had to do it all over again, would I change anything?'. I’d tell you it’s nice to be with someone with whom everyday is a new day with its own challenges, rewards and beauty. My wife is creative, crazy, and lovable, she’s my love."

I really hope that this Oga with a rich baritone voice and well, an impeccable diction to go with it really knows the offense he has committed, Juliet Ibrahim should not start nursing feelings from what he has openly said oooooo



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