Sherlyn Chopra Hottest Playboy Photos

The Bollywood star Sherlyn Chopra is the one and only hottest Indian model for Playboys magazine. Though she was found attracting a barrage of abuse on social networking sites after this photoshoot. Writer Soumya Bhattacharya talks about nice booty, busty model Chopra ,It is that drives her to defy convention and looks at what may lie ahead. This is a story about Sherlyn Chopra, the 25-year-old who has become the first Indian to model for Playboy magazine. But this is not a story merely about busty and sexy Sherlyn Chopra.


When I meet Sherlyn Chopra in the suite of a hotel in the western city of Mumbai, she is in a black topshowing her big tits, ripped jeans showing her big butts, and suede boots with pencil heels. A Louis Vuitton belt with an oversized buckle cinches her waist. I ask her how shooting for Playboy was different from other shoots she has done. "We would start at 10:30am after some Jack Daniels and vodka. Never have I done a shoot with such confidence and joy."


This is a story about ambition forged on the anvil of desperation. This is a story of a woman putting out on the social networking site, Twitter, naked photographs of herself frolicking in the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles and attracting a barrage of abuse in a country that sent into exile one of its greatest modern artists for depicting a Hindu goddess in the nude in one of his paintings. This is a story that stands at the confluence of an India at odds with itself, torn between hypocrisy and its opposite.




The confidence, she says, was engendered by the stylist of the mighty magazine praising her big breasts before the shoot got under way. "When I took off my robe, she went wow. These aren't real, you know, I told her. But she said my breasts were beautiful. After that, once I had put on my body make up, I felt like a diva."She met Hugh Hefner, the 86-year-old founder of Playboy, the day after she arrived at the Mansion.  


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