Naija We People!!! Chicken for Thanksgiving

I too love Nigerians.. i too love us, but i must say this, we are madly in love with Americans that we just like to copy them, this is presently happening somewhere in Surulere and this Man just go market bought 5 fowls that he is using for black friday and thanksgiving. I am not saying you cannot use other meat to celebrate thanksgiving, but i think its been a general culture in the United States to kill Turkey for it.
Well, I know the last sundays in November of every year is a thanksgiving day all over the world and Americans are crazier about it and usually make meals with Turkey not Chicken.
This man just go chatter fowl at his place that he and his family will kill to celebrate thanksgiving!!! oooh my goodness...>Let me leave you to finsh the story. and see turkey pics after the cut.


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