For The Love Of A Bigger Butt...

Yesterday afternoon, this email just came to me, the girl that wrote this refused to send her full picture, she sent to me her backside and asked if her butt is not big enough to make the actor Walter Anga sleep with her friend. What these actors do , i can imagine how there women at home cope. She wanted me to post her butt and just ask Walter the question, is my butt nit big enough for you? why sleep with my friend. i was forced to reply her email and i said i cannot just post this if you do not tell me what happened at least let me get your full story as a blogger and critic so people will not use it against me. she replied and said the bottom line is. my girlfriend's butt is big but mine is well curvy.
She also said she is recently in a serious fight with her friend who sent her pictures she took with the actor to confirm she was actually with the actor in Owerri where he was shooting recently and during there Rasmataaz at night which lasted for 7hours all the actor said was your butts are bigger and softer. lwkm... well i have sent you the randiest producers in nollywood. the list of the randiest actors on the way as i have enough list with me.. see you then.


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