Final Splitting with Elikem.

 I talk am, i knew it, in fact i have always known this will happen, not like i was from day one wishing them bad luck ooo nop, but the way this girl left her white man for this guy... I knew the lust had its one world gathered around it. after the whole megemege... But wait ooo. this quarrel hope you all know didn't start today and the guy has been all over pleading with her yet she went adamant. Gloria i know will not let Elikem be thats for sure and his a man what do you expect. When you left biggie house and went back to your ex, in your mind nothing will happen? and you didn't know plus Gloria, her personality. Eli baby, I still think you didn't do the right thing leaving your  white man, you would have left the house first, take your time, think about it before embarking on it.
I don't blame you for wanting to move on with your life and get a better living with a younger man, but see the result. But wait ooo, Gloria Lamptey (wife of Ghanaian football legend, Nii Ordarty Lamptey) what was she looking for in Elikem or is it that she is just aimed at possessing Elikem and ruining his future with Pokello.  Who knows if the 3 kids Gloria had with her husband whom she has been married to for 4 years now isn’t Elikem’s as DNA test done sometime last year proved that the footballer was not the father of their 3 kids. but this his pleadings, is he sure its for real.


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