Uche Jumbos Mum Turns 60 Awsome

Happy birthday to my African Queen💖 hardest working woman Ever ..😊 ya got it from my mama...humm where do i start? This might be my longest bday wish please bear with me this woman has been my rock i feel she deserves the world....let me start off by saying ....Thank you for supporting me during The Darkest days of my life,for being the rock l leaned on for Support and the cushion that BREAKS my every fall.Love you to the moon and back! I celebrate You today and everyday...My prayer is....Dear God,

 YOU know everything ...i hear her silence YOU hear her prayers I see her laughter YOU see her tears I see when she gives YOU see what's been taken from her I see her beautiful appearance YOU see the scars in her soul I experience her faith YOU know her doubts my prayer for her lord is that YOU hear EVERY single prayer and MEET her every need , bless and keep Her in Jesus name Amen! ...ok now that i am done praying 😀hashtagsThings.#laFamilia #24sept #MilestoneBirthday #60th #AbiribaPeopleWillRelate #AGEgradeuche'CeremonyThisDecember #RetirementfromActiveDuty ...🙌and Happy birthday to every 24th sept born on my page😆 cos you are my mama's birthdaymate💋


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