Technique to get a presidents attention....(correct chick)

 Popular Ghanaian TV and radio presenter, Afia Schwarzenegger can no longer hide her feelings towards her President, John Dramani Mahama. In a recent interview with Graphic Showbiz, the UTV presenter revealed her secret crush on Ghana’s president, which she says is the first lady and her husband are aware of and have no problem with it. ‘I go crazy anytime I see him speak on television. When he smiles, ha! I feel like giving him a big hug. His wife, Mrs Lordina Mahama is aware I have a crush on her husband because the few times we have met, I have told her about it and she even calls me her rival.’ On her husband’s opinion, she said:‎ ‘Anytime I tell him I have a crush on President Mahama, he laughs over it because he knows I am not the type who would cheat on him. He is not bothered if I have a crush on someone because he knows who I am.’  Afia is also an actress, business woman and human rights activist in her native ‎Ghana. ..


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