So Why Do Kanye West Keep Squeezing His Face

Helloooo!!! So why is Kanye so upset his wife's naked photos was amongst the hacked ones on i cloud when the world have seen it all which she willingly spreads. This Kim nawaoh, on a sunday morning when some countries are awake and others are still waking up to dress up and praise their God, this lady is busy posting this on her page. Yes this picture sure is familiar, a shot from the G.Q Magazine london which made her the woman of the year. the entire i cloud hack thingy infuriated. read more and see more sexy photos
Kanye so well that recently he goes about with a certain kind of facial expression if you have noticed, or is it just me.? so my question now is, does it mean Kim just posts all this pics of her and he doesn't approve them or that he is much much aware and approves yet he keeps face like shit if he's wife is abused in public. kim doesn't wear brazier or under panties when she is out. i wonder ooo


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