Sandra Okagbue gives birth.

Come Flavor, do not turn Tu baba oo... heeee,, becos this eyes am looking you into, i am seeing another thing , all the most beautiful girls in Nigeria and the Miss worlds are just seeing that your bed plus that thing without a  cover, plus the big brother fine fine girls..i no use this behavior know you at all,, you are my Alobam. your Girfriend abi former, seem you have a new one now.. ''Anabiere'', still a former most beauty. anyways, Sandra has just given birth to a beautiful baby girl in Houston Texas yesterday 27th september. .Congrats to you both. but Flavor, you too like yellow and fine girls shaaa...I don't know if its your plan to have ll the most beautiful and the miss worlds have your kids thou. if that is it, Ana , get ready you are on the pipeline, ones e enter, Iheoma Nnadi the recent beauty, standby.


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