Please What Is Sexy And Who Is Dragging It?

Biko before you people will say i have come again, i have gotten more than three emails on this Benson Okonkwo of a guy regarding his title and awards been given to him by some medias, blogs including the vanguard newspaper as the sexiest man. i did not understand what the fuss is about . okay if he is the sexiest man. kudos to him... sexy man. please do you share money as the sexiest man lets come and take our share as well its important. read what he said and see more pictures of the model cum Nollywood actor

 Nollywood actor Benson Okonkwo has proclaimed himself the sexiest man in Nigeria.

Okonkwo was named the Sexiest Man In Nigeria in the Karis Awards, said he knew he was sexy – the sexiest in the country.
“Well, it’s not a new thing. I have always been sexy and I know it. I started modelling before acting. I started modelling at the age of 16. I have always been admired by the public and that’s what makes me stand out. The confidence I have today is from my being sexy and I have a lovely and beautiful mum that I look like, so I got the beauty from her.
Even when I was in school, I have always won awards for being the sexiest. So this is something I am used to. I have also won a prize as Vanguard’s sexiest actor. And now Karis Media sexiest actor and more awards will come. Because to me, if I am to say it and I will say it again; I am Nigeria’s sexiest man”


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