Ohh!!! This Woman Says; She Can See The Face Of Jesus In Her 100years Old Home.

Freda Murphy, 52, spotted the holy image after taking photographs while renovating her 100-year-old Birmingham home. The mum of five says she's seen the face of Jesus Christ on her newly-laid toilet floor. She was stunned to discover the outline of a face she believes to be the son of God.
The spooky imprint, which appears to have a tear falling from its right eye, is the latest in a series of chilling encounters at the property, ... read more and see more photos of the Jesus faces.

She said: “At one time a mist, like a cloud, appeared above her head while she was hoovering. "So much has gone on here. A lot of people have been frightened. ”The image of Christ is the strangest of the strange encounters. “We’d just had the floor laid down and I was taking a picture for my solicitor. “When I looked at the image it sent a shiver down my spine. I could make out eyes, a nose, mouth, long hair and beard. "A lot of people have said it looks like Jesus."

Freda and her family have encountered ghosts, heard the cries of babies and even been prodded in their sleep since they moved in 19 years ago.
“At one time, my son was very poorly," she said. "As he lay in bed, massive beams of light bounced off the walls. the spoked resident has become so concerned she has to even contact a spiritualist for help.
"He said he also felt something touching him. "During her investigations, Freda discovered a baby died in the property during the War“The spiritualist said there was an awful lot of activity going on in the house," she said. “But I’m not scared anymore. I’m going nowhere.”
Freda’s children, aged between 14 and 30, have all endured close encounters of the ghostly kind.
They, too, have been left shaken by the cement portrait.
“No one can explain it,” said Freda. “And no one can tell us what it means. please view images of Jesus images appearing in mundane places  in gallery below and tell me.. can you see Jesus?


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