Moët & Chandon Launches Nectar Imperial Rose & Light-Up Bottle To Celebrate “Success.

 The world’s most-loved champagne house, Moët & Chandon has launched a new ad campaign for Nectar Imperial Rose along with a Light-up bottle to continue the celebration of its campaign, “Success is a Matter of Style”.
Success is a Matter of Style”, remains the global Moet tagline, however this is the first time if has been used in Nigeria for Nectar Rose, one of the House’s most daring champagnes. This campaign celebrates the art of reinventing yourself while staying true to who you really are—the champagne toasts to sharing of meaningful life moments.
True to the House’s tradition, Nectar Imperial Rosé illustrates and expresses the lifestyle and philosophy that success is not so much what you achieve but the way in which you achieve it: Success is a Matter of Style. The taste of Nectar Imperial Rosé reveals a lively and intense bouquet of red fruits and floral nuances of rose – which makes it the sweeter expression of the Moët & Chandon style


The very special ‘light-up’ edition has everything illuminated – a highlight sure to turn heads at top nightclubs. Through the flick of a switch at the bottom, the bottle is lit up for the night.


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