Miss Black gate part 2

Seem the big time blogger Linda Ikeji is begining to have a rival in terms of taking pictures in front of her black gate and the only assumed place possible she can. Recently i put up a post on Linda Ikeji whom if you go through all her photos taking in the last year, they all have a particular location which is in front of one horrible black gate. Actress, producer, writer Ruth Kadiri seem to be following same trend as Linda but i doubt. She has places to go and work while Linda maybe do not,
okay let us wait and watch if this black gate will continue. She is also amongst the Range Rover babes, she told us her Ranger came from hard work, it was not her europe boyfriend as people rumored whom she recently disclosed to us that bought it. we learnt she met the guy through social media. girls take note. Anyway, she came out this morning dressed in this lovely blue with star designed safari and this lovely sandals. she's sure on her way to church and praise God. Do same ohh maybe you as well will find your dream man online. i'm out.


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