Listen Up People! Ikechukwu’s Ex Sarah Ofili Has A Message For All You Kim Kardashian Haters!

OHohh YAOHHH this is definitely one of the posts that cannot talk

Socialite & Model Sarah Ofili is definitely #TeamKimKardashian
The model was once engaged to rapper Ikechukwu and just like Kim she posts a lot of sexy bikini selfies on her social media page. A few days ago she dropped some serious knowledge on all you Kim K haters!
she siad " I’m not the biggest Kim K fan but this girl and her fam turned a s*xtape to a multimillion dollar brand that is feeding HER ENTIRE family! Her dating life is her brand! read what she posted few days ago
Lesson of the day: If you’re gonna be a hoe
at least have something to show for it. Women are building houses, starting businesses and buying Hermes Birkin bags (LOL) all from hoeing, while some of you are being cheerful givers to everyone that knocks


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