Juliet Ibrahim finally speaks out

Back in June, this lady Juliet Ibrahim confirmed that her marriage to Kwadwo Safo had packed up, please my people, it was reported that the marriage ended since two years i mean two years agooooooo before this woman talk am out ohh as in before she actually made the announcement this year.
And now for the first time the Ghanaian actress is addressing her marriage and what caused the failure of her marriage.

In an interview with Uduak Oduoko of Ladybrille.com, the 28 year old (the age she told us) Juliet, did not hold back about the failure of her marriage. She talked about family members getting into her husband’s ear about her profession as an actress and insinuations that because of her profession she was hooking up with other men. She  talked about having to pretend she was married when they weren’t even together anymore. And listening to her you get the sense that she was terribly unhappy and suffering in her marriage…both of them were.(we never hear the guy own side shaa)
She said;
    My personal failure will be my marriage because I am divorced now… I got married at age 24. We were happy, young people in love but we really didn’t get a chance to really know ourselves. . . somewhere along the line, family members kept coming in saying “oh no, she’s an actress…” I will be there and people will be saying all kinds of stuff and sending him messages saying I am in another man’s car even though I was right there with him.


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