FASHOLA UNDER ATTACK BY GROUP!!!'You convicted Rev.King to death,TB Joshua must be prosecuted

Nawaohh my own is to let the people know what is going on, i am not a party to any of whatever... read please
In reaction to the collapse of a 6 storey guest house belonging to the Synagogue church which resulted in the death of 115 people ,a human rights group, Vote for Service Initiative has written a strong worded letter dated September 25, to the Lagos State governor .
They are demanding the immediate persecution of TB Joshua and accused the government of treating him with leniency based on the ‘Touch not my Anointed.’” excuse.
“We are Vote for Service Initiative. We like to remind your good office that, it was in this state your attorney general and commissioner for justice prosecuted and convicted Rev. King to death by hanging for (killing) one of his devotees with ignited fire.
It is also the same attorney general office that prosecuted recently Mr. Arowolo to death by hanging for killing his wife with knife and cudgel, how much more the man that (killed) over 115 souls through criminal negligence and brazen impunity,Failure to which we will be left with no other option than to approach the competent court of jurisdiction for an order of mandamus for your good office to implement the law you signed in 2010 without delay,”
Lagos State Law on Regional and Physical Planning and Urban Development 2010 states that ...
“any collapsed building in the state due to the negligence of owner or developer, such land shall be confiscated by that state through the ministry in charge.”
“In view of the above quoted relevant portion of the law, an attendant fact that the said collapsed building was due to the criminal negligence of the owner/church in charge as represented by the leader Prophet T.B Joshua or his representatives…
“Having clarified from all other relevant agents of the ministry of physical planning like LASBCA, surveyor institutes and others that no record related to approval or otherwise of the collapsed building, it is incumbent on your good office or/and your approved ministry to have implemented the relevant section of the law as stated above,


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