Awwwww Read What Chris Attoh Says About Their First Born Whose Name Have Been Revealed

Actress Damilola Adegbite welcomed their first child, a son. His name has been revealed as Brian Nii Ayittey Olaferomi Attoh and Chris has embraced fatherhood full on. He is a hands on daddy to, changing diapers and feeeding him.
Dami you are a lucky girl, Chris is definitely a keeper!
In a recent interview on Ghanaian TV, Attoh could not stop gushing about his first born.
Ok I’m loving this because it’s a great feeling. Sometimes I listen to him breathe and I know there is a God somewhere. It’s God that gives children and am happy to have been blessed. So far I’m learning that fatherhood is the only profession where the more effort you give it the more you will enjoy back. It’s great!
Catch the first pic of the baby & the new parents in the delivery room, after the jump

‎He goes on to say,
I listen to him breathe sometimes at night and it is amazing! That is proof that there is God. God is the one that gives children. I am now fully skilled in changing diapers and feeding…the babies literally go through the food and the diapers at the same time.
He also has a new-found respect for women after seeing his boo pregnant and going through labour. He said,
I have found a new definition of respect for women now. The fact that they go through nine months of pregnancy gives me a new perspective to what womanhood really is


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