Another Nollywood Producer Engaged.

please pardon the upside doen of this picture, you know some people do not have good pictures for themselves and this lady obviously is one of them. we have hardly seen pictures of her anywhere that implies she is the type that can do without pictures, everyone have their reasons maybe hers is aahhhh,, i do not know before i will say what i am not sure about, pardon me please.,, so lets continue,

just got this, Nollywood is sure making waves, the women are getting married and the men are expanding their know what i mean. well this lady is Jessica Agu,
an upcoming Nollywood producer who have made movies like broken pieces, twitter babes, my horny pot, and her latest now just released tilted history box directed by Desmond Elliot. this lady has been doing well for herself in Nollywood. She recently got engaged to her hausa boyfriend of one year now who we understand is also a movie producer.. congratulations to you. and make sure you invite us to the wedding.


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