Another Lagos Wahala.

This just came to me. please read.

Somewhere in Ajah lagos Nigeria, there is this gated compound  without a gateman for about 2yrs which was very convenient for the tenants until the caretaker got changed in sept 2014. The new caretaker decided there must be a gateman so he raised the compound fee from the 600.00 they pay monthly to 1500.00.The gateman that was brought is not an hausa as we all know that Hausa people do this job better,But they choose to bring a calabar funky guy who is forming big boy.whose name is malachi.

Na here wahala start,some of the tenants started observing the arrogance and I don’t care attitude which Malachi puts up ,when asked to turn off generator he makes an excusewhen confronted he said that is not his job to do that ,can  U imagine? he said his job is to just sweep compound and open gate.On many occasion when the tenants come back they open the gate themselves ,now what are they paying him for ?Anyways,  the tenants got angry and organized a meeting yesterday morning and concluded that they wont pay  Malachi his salary since he is not helping.

Whereas someone in the compound by name Osas,  didn’t agree wit the other tenants , she accused  co tenants of being  wicked and mean to the poor boy . Chika, a co tenant didn’t respond to the woman as a talkactive  & according to other tenants, it will not be the first time she is doing a thing like this. while chika refused to respond, the newest tenant mrs cynthia decided to respond unaware  of osa's behavior. Osas bursted out & started cursing and saying things like ‘ what the fuck is wrong with you people ? i cant stay hear and watch an innoncent victim being victimized,fuck you all ,she continued  raking  then, Mrs Cynthia replied  back and they were exchanging words ,the only cloth mrs cynthia was putting on was her wrapper so she wanted to  change so that they Could  have a proper fight not knowing that osa's hamental issue which comes up from time to time, so someone signaled to Mrs Cynthia about osa’s mental issue and she began to apologize

hhahahhahahaha abeg ooo before you show yourself in any situation think,ask questions before you act.

But seriously how will landlord put both sane and insane people in the same compound,is it until someone is stabbed that’s when action is taken, because this is not the first time this insane woman osa's will be displaying her hidden talents. Landlords for our sake don’t love money so much and forget our security.


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