Ada’s Tips On How To Switch Up Your Look For A Date Night

What of girls with big belle.

I was dozing off last night when I remembered I had no idea of what to wear for my date night. A sexy dress or just something comfortable (when I say comfortable, I’m referring to a tank top and pajama bottoms, of course not, lol I wouldn’t dare!)
Anyways, I got searching and just couldn’t wrap my head around my almost empty closet so I decided to help myself to the stalker app a.k.a Instagrammm! and like a prayer answered, I came across this simple mash-up of two outfits in one. Thank you Jesus! (but come o, I don’t have such clothes to begin with, hmmn…)
So if you’re like me who is constantly at a battle front when it comes to picking out what to wear, or ransacking through a mountain of clothes in search of ‘to-match,’ Here’s a way to stop moaning over your I-do-not-have-what-to-wear situation


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