The Perfect Breasts and perfect body girls

In reality female breasts come in all kinds of sizes and shapes.These perfect figure girls have perfect body shape and perfect breasts.I may not have perfect breasts,but what does that really mean,or matter when someone has to see these Busty girls?In a plastic surgeon’s quest to find the ideal female proportions,he turned to 100 glamor models.It sounds almost like parody – a top consultant plastic surgeon spends three months studying models appearing on Page 3 of a bestselling British red-top newspaper. Later this month he reveals his findings: the mathematical proportions of the perfect breast.He gathered some Big Ass pictures as well. He Rated these girls as Perfect Breasts.


Perfect Breasts

Of course,the subjectivity of such a statement can’t be ignored–not to mention the somewhat dubious nature of the source material.But astonishingly,when shown computer mock-ups of the female form based on these equations,most women agree that they are indeed the ideal vital statistics.Incredibly,although breast augmentation–or the boob job,as it is commonly known–has long been the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure,nobody within the industry has ever quantified the measurements and proportions that make a breast appealing to the eye.But these Big tits are natural and no surgery method is used here.These Busty girl pictures would definitely please you choice.



Perfect Body Girls

Most of the women like to have breasts like these Perfect breast girls.This despite the fact that last year alone, 9,418 breast-enlargement operations were carried out by members of the British Association of Plastic Surgeons,a rise of ten per cent on 2009.This year that number looks set to top the 10,000 mark.There’s no way of estimating how many ‘botched’ boob jobs there are each year.Unless a woman takes legal action,there’s no central record of complaints or of those who seek corrective surgery.But Patrick Mallucci, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at University College London and the Royal Free Hospitals,who led the study, says he sees about five women a month who are unhappy with the results of implants they have had.



He says:‘I spend a lot of time each month redoing breast augmentations that have been done poorly by other surgeons,leaving a woman with uneven,misshapen or droopy breasts,or a gaping cleavage.Part of the problem, says Mallucci,is that it is often hard for women to communicate what they want from surgery.‘Patients often talk about the cup size they’d like to go up to,or that they want volume in a particular area or a fuller cleavage,but this is usually very vague.He should have done his research including the Big Ass as well.So let's leave his research and rate these perfect breasts who had natural look and natural figures without implantation.


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